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Horse Race
Winagainwinners The Ultimate Racing System

Welcome to Winagainwinners

We specialise in last time out winners

March Results

Number of Selections 16

Successful Selections 8

Total SP Profit 2.90 points

Total BSP Profit 4.14 points

Average Stake 1.31 points

Success Percentage 50%

SP Profit On Turnover 13.81%

BSP Profit On Turnover 19.71%

February Results
Number of Selections 20

Successful Selections 10

Total SP Profit 1.95 points

Total BSP Profit 3.19 points

Average Stake 1.10 points

Success Percentage 50%

SP Profit On Turnover 8.86%

BSP Profit On Turnover 14.5%

January Results
Number of Selections 22

Successful Selections 10

Total SP Profit 4.38 points

Total BSP Profit 5.24 points

Average Stake 1.00 points

Success Percentage 45.45%

SP Profit On Turnover 19.91%

BSP Profit On Turnover 23.82%

Horse Race

         About Winagainwinners

TYPES OF RACES - Winagainwinners is our unique racing system that specialises in horses that have won last time out. UK Flat, Jumps and All-weather races are assessed including selected G1 races from Ireland and meetings abroad. For UK meetings there can be a qualifier in any type of race but most of them are in Handicaps and Class 1 Non-handicaps.

SYSTEM - Last time out winners are assessed using ten highly accurate 'Filters'. Qualifiers from these filters are then scrutinised in a 'Factors In Favour' section which has eight form factors consisting of Going, Course, Distance, Class, Ability, Weight, Draw and Fitness. These factors determine if our qualifier becomes a tip. The system selects only one horse in the race.

TIPS - These are qualifiers from our system that we think will win and we aim to post one or two tips in the blog by email on most days. Our blog is posted at no later than 11.00am BST. Subscribe now to receive all the bets.

ACHIEVEMENT - We created The Winagainwinners System in the hope that it would achieve a very high strike rate at decent odds and to minimise the risk of the long losing run, which is the bane of backers and tipsters alike.

STAKING PLAN (optional) - We recommend a betting bank of £50. Our unique staking plan is easy to use, adaptable and designed to grow the bank starting off with just small stakes.

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